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The aim of this start-up competition is to help startups in ideation phase to develop their ideas to working business models. It will also help the existing startups to develop their prototype and market testing.

It will also provide a platform for the skilled students and professionals like software developers, marketers, designers and other enthusiasts who want to work in a startup.

The teams are registered under two categories

Track 1: Existing startup with Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

Track 2: Startups in ideation/concept stage

Then Saksham will facilitate the teams with Mentor support for two months and will provide a platform to connect the teams with pool of skilled professionals. After completion of the mentoring phase, the teams will get to pitch their ideas in front of investors.

As a part of the competition the teams will be rewarded with incubation, cash prizes and chance to pitch in front of a panel of investors.

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