About Prarambh

The aim of this start-up competition is to help startups in ideation phase to develop their ideas to working business models. It will also help the existing startups to develop their prototype and market testing.

It will also provide a platform for the skilled students and professionals like software developers, marketers, designers and other enthusiasts who want to work in a startup.

The teams are registered under two categories

Track 1: Existing startup with Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

Track 2: Startups in ideation/concept stage

Then Saksham will facilitate the teams with Mentor support for two months and will provide a platform to connect the teams with pool of skilled professionals. After completion of the mentoring phase, the teams will get to pitch their ideas in front of investors.

As a part of the competition the teams will be rewarded with incubation, cash prizes and chance to pitch in front of a panel of investors.


 Event Date: 3rd February 2019 

Venue : IIM Udaipur Campus (24°30’04.3″N 73°39’41.8″E)

How the event will proceed:

1.     Registration Process: (16th Nov to 2nd Dec 2018)

The teams need to register and submit a PPT on their idea or MVP in not more than two slides.

2.    Shortlisting Process: (3rd to 4th Dec 2018) 

Teams will be shortlisted based upon the Summary/PPT submitted by them. 

3.    Evaluation Phase 1: (4th Dec to 9th Dec 2018)

Teams in Track1 will proceed for Prototype Testing which involves testing an array of prototypes of their product or service leading to a final design.

Teams in Track2 will proceed for Usage and Attitude Study (U&A) to develop their idea by identifying factors related to the usage and attitude of the customer towards their product or service. 

The shortlisted teams in their respective tracks will have to submit a PPT. The instructions for the same will be provided after the shortlisting.

4.    Mentorship Phase: (16th Dec 2018 to 5th Jan 2019)

Mentors will be assigned to all the participating teams in this phase.

Teams in Track1 will proceed with Market Identification and Testing to test multiple marketing scenarios and select the most promising for their product or service.

Teams in Track2 will proceed with Concept Development and Testing by taking the viewpoint of customers while describing the concept of their product or service and apply changes based on the feedback.

5.    Pitching Preparation: (6th Jan to 1st Feb 2019)

Mentors will guide the teams in their preparation for Investor Pitch.

6.    Event Day: (3rd Feb 2019)

Final Pitch in front of Venture Capitalists, Angel Investors and Judges. The profiles of the mentors, investors and judges will be unveiled in the later stages.


What’s In it for Participants?

·      Incubation:  Final teams  will get incubation opportunity from IIMU Incubation Cell 

·      Investor Pitch:  Chance to pitch in front of investors and get funding 

·      Cash Prize:  Prarambh 2017 winners take cash prizes worth 1,00,000

·      Certificates:  Certificates of experience will be given to participating skilled professionals 

So come and follow your ideas, your dreams and experience the excitement of developing them into a venture 

Prize money worth Rs 1,00,000 to be won



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